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15 Ways OPA Has Worked
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  1. Persistently Advocating for PT Scope of Practice: Engaged with the Ministry of Health, Ontario Health and other stakeholders for the full realization of PT Scope of Practice through meetings, letters, and social campaigns to finalize regulations from Bill 179.

"The networking opportunities alone have been worth the membership. I've met so many inspiring colleagues."

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  1. Gain Industry Insights. Keep your skills updated with the latest best practices.
  2. Build Your Support Network.  Strengthen your career through valuable professional connections.
  3. Volunteer Actively.  Enhance your connection with the community through direct engagement.
  4. Access Exclusive Resources.  Enrich your knowledge with our research, publications, and specialized training.
  5. Shape Our Profession.  Your active participation influences the evolution of our profession.
  6. Attend Conferences.  Equip yourself with the latest in research and innovative methodologies.
  7. Unlock Leadership Potential.  Develop your leadership capacities with tailored programs.
  8. Explore Job Boards.  Find opportunities that match your unique expertise.
  9. Engage in Local Network Meetups.  Collaborate in discussions, enhancing your professional understanding.
  10. Showcase Your Research.  Elevate your professional profile by contributing to the dialogue on evidence.

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 You can get all the details at the CPA site, but you'll receive a $100 credit for every PT and $50 for every PTA you refer, and who joins the association.

"The mentorship I received here has been life-changing."

"The networking opportunities alone have been worth the membership. 
I've met so many inspiring colleagues."

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It's truly invaluable for my practice."

"This community makes me proud to be a physio.”

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The world has changed, and so has the way we work.

As a member of OPA/CPA, you’re an integral part of our physiotherapy community. We support each other, advocate together, and make a difference for the profession and patients.

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Together, we elevate our profession.

Together, we are all stronger.

With OPA/CPA, it’s more than just a membership. It’s a community. And when we come together, #WeArePT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What resources do members get?

A: Members get access to courses, research, mentorship, and job postings.

Q: How can I network in the association?

A: We host regular events where members can meet and share ideas.

Q: How can this association help my career?

A: We offer resources, mentorship, and advocacy to help you advance.

Q: How do I join the association?

A: Simply sign-up through our website to become a member.

Q: How does the association support physiotherapy professionals?

A: We advocate for policy changes, raise awareness, and represent our members.

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"The mentorship I received here has been life-changing."

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As a dedicated non-profit professional association, every action we take is tailored to serve and elevate our members. Over the past year, we've championed initiatives that directly benefit you and reflect our commitment to your growth. Here's a glance at what we've achieved together.

  1. Actively Supporting Private Practice:  Worked with and on behalf of private practices in areas like the auto sector to ease funding constraints and minimize bureaucracy. Advocated for relief to address the pandemic's impact on all clinics including the Community Physiotherapy Clinic program.
  1. Driving Progress with WSIB: Advocated for improved WSIB funding and secured expert member positions on the committee to revamp care programs. Continuously addressed physiotherapy-related issues and fees.
  1. Promoting the Value of Physiotherapy: Launched a public campaign showcasing real patient stories, resulting in almost 9 million Facebook impressions and 280,000+ YouTube views; celebrated our members with features in media, books, podcasts, and innovative creations; and amplified our profession's message on social platforms with member testimonials showcasing why #PhysiotherapyMatters and #WeArePT.
  1. Building Diversity & Inclusion: Enhanced efforts across platforms to promote equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Fostered community engagement through InterACTION education and programming.
  1. Championing Community Advocacy for Elections: Equipped physiotherapy professionals with resources to amplify our voice in the Ontario Election 2022, emphasizing that #PhysiotherapyMatters.

  1. Leading Health System Advocacy: Engaged Ontario Health senior leadership and the Ministry of Health and others to promote innovative solutions addressing health system capacity. Highlighted the value of physiotherapy in hospitals, primary care, home care, private practice, and beyond.
  1. Showcasing Physiotherapy's Systemic Impact: Presented evidence to key stakeholders about the pivotal role of physiotherapists in Emergency Departments. Created the "Physiotherapists in Emergency Department Fact Sheet" for local advocacy and decision-maker education.
  1. Supporting New Entrants: Advocated for pathways to register for practice, and needed resources for internationally educated PTs.  Engaged with students from all 5 Ontario PT schools and the Bridging Program.
  1. Strengthen Local Connections: Fostered regional networking and educational opportunities for members across the OPA Districts, province-wide. Keeping you  informed through socials, and events, and bringing your local voice to our AGM.
  1. Amplifying National Representation: Elevated Ontario’s perspective by meeting the federal Minister of Health and leading critical discussions on scope and other issues at the national level.
  1. Enhancing Professional Visibility:  Offered members free listings and promotion of their clinics and services, increasing their reach and clientele through our user-friendly "Find-a-Physiotherapist" web-based directory.
  1. Empowering Through Education: Provided members with complimentary educational opportunities, including a tailored webinar with WSIB, ensuring they are equipped and confident to navigate and excel within the new WSIB MSK Program of Care (POC).
  1. Engaging Through InterACTION 2023: Orchestrated a memorable in-person gathering for our members with over 220 attendees. This event fueled professional growth, patient care expertise, and reignited passion through networking events and insightful sessions. Topics included the experiences of BIPOC students, groundbreaking primary care models, resilience against moral distress, and the expanding role of physiotherapists in diagnostics.
  1. Unlocking Professional Growth through Volunteering: Dive into over 100 diverse leadership roles, from our Board of Directors to specialized Committee members. Engaging in these roles not only amplifies your network and connections but also refines leadership, mentorship, and unique professional skills. Through sector-specific committees and special projects, contribute to advancing the profession while enjoying unparalleled personal and professional development opportunities.