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Uncover Job Opportunities Within Our Network

Network with industry insiders and uncover unique job prospects within our community.

Practice Supports

Access specialized training, ongoing education, and practice support tools for all sectors to sharpen your skills: master clinical techniques, elevate patient care, and expand your leadership experiences.

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Find Your Mentor

Connect with seasoned professionals within our community, so you can navigate career challenges and fast-track your growth.

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Dive into workshops and courses curated by industry experts, so you can deliver holistic, patient-centred care with cutting-edge techniques.

Get Exclusive Discounts

Get Substantial Insurance Discounts

OPA members have access to the best protection available including discounts on Professional Liability Insurance, Extended Health, Dental, Life, and Disability Insurance, and Home, Auto, Travel, and more.

Save Money on Valuable Resources

Get exclusive perks, discounts and special offers created with you and your career in mind.

"The mentorship I received
here has been life-changing."

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 Membership Advantages

  1. Gain Industry Insights. Keep your skills updated with the latest best practices.
  2. Build Your Support Network.  Strengthen your career through valuable professional connections.
  3. Volunteer Actively.  Enhance your connection with the community through direct engagement.
  4. Access Exclusive Resources.  Enrich your knowledge with our research, publications, and specialized training.
  5. Shape Our Profession.  Your active participation influences the evolution of our profession.
  6. Attend Conferences.  Equip yourself with the latest in research and innovative methodologies.
  7. Unlock Leadership Potential.  Develop your leadership capacities with tailored programs.
  8. Explore Job Boards.  Find opportunities that match your unique expertise.
  9. Engage in Local Network Meetups.  Collaborate in discussions, enhancing your professional understanding.
  10. Showcase Your Research.  Elevate your professional profile by contributing to the dialogue on evidence.

How Membership Works

OPA is the Ontario Branch of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA).

When you join OPA, you also join CPA, uniting over 16,000 physiotherapy professionals from coast to coast.

Depending on the membership tier 
you qualify for, annual fees for your combined OPA/CPA 
membership range from $0 to $547.50.

Join Forces with 5,500+ Fellow
PTs, PTAs, Researchers, and Leaders.

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Stronger Together: Understanding Provincial and National Memberships

Dual membership serves our local community while also amplifying our collective voice on a national scale.

By being a part of both the provincial and national associations, you're ensuring that you're well represented at all levels of our profession.

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"The mentorship I received here has been life-changing."

"The networking opportunities alone have been worth the membership. 
I've met so many inspiring colleagues."

"I always feel up-to-date on trends and research thanks to their resources. 
It's truly invaluable for my practice."

"This community makes me proud to be a physio.”

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The world has changed, and so has the way we work.

As a member of OPA/CPA, you’re an integral part of our physiotherapy community. We support each other, advocate together, and make a difference for the profession and patients.

Together, we have a powerful voice.

Together, we have greater diversity.

Together, we elevate our profession.

Together, we are all stronger.

With OPA/CPA, it’s more than just a membership. It’s a community. And when we come together, #WeArePT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What resources do members get?
A: Members get access to courses, research, mentorship, and job postings.
Q: How can I network in the association?
A: We host regular events where members can meet and share ideas.
Q: How can this association help my career?
A: We offer resources, mentorship, and advocacy to help you advance.
Q: How do I join the association?
A: Simply sign-up through our website to become a member.
Q: How does the association support physiotherapy professionals?
A: We advocate for policy changes, raise awareness, and represent our members.

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